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Let Helton Ventures help you to achieve outstanding results no matter what challenges you face.

Services: Projects
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Map It 

Expert Guidance to clarify your goals and chart a path forward to enhanced operations and a more positive customer experience


Our Process:

We lead you and your team through a qualitative process to uncover or discover where you really want to go and how to get there
We listen and chart your path

We advise you based on our experience

We collaboratively clarify and validate your goals and objectives 

We develop and provide a menu of prioritized products, processes and services with details you can use for budgeting / programming

We accept your mission as our mission


doing work together

Build It

Address known or found gaps and vulnerabilities

Our Menu of processes and products include:

  • Emergency Operations Center / Integrated Operations Center concept of operations development and operational design

  • Situational Awareness/Common Operational Picture build-out

  • Gap analysis - solve the right problem

  • Executive crisis leadership and decision making work that meets the team where they are and builds on organic strengths

  • Process capture and refinement - including Customer Service needs

  • Custom App development

  • Continuity and operations planning 

  • Training development and/or delivery

  • Drills and exercises

***Qualitative research to enable all of the above***

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Support It

Experienced Operators to fill the gap

Helton Ventures can combine our experience with your willingness to transform.  We can assign experienced operators to be a member of your team while you're innovating, fielding new processes, training new hires, working through the change management process, or working on the budget approval to expand your permanent ops team.

We can also bring a crisis management team to you when an incident requires additional depth on your bench. 


Customize It

Custom App Developed to operationalize your processes

Helton Ventures can help your team rapidly develop cloud based user friendly applications to solve almost any problem limiting your operation. Whether you need a mobile application in the field to speed day to day work flows, or you need a whole new way for your team to collaborate, we stand ready to create solutions in a matter of days, not months. Our process is tailored specifically for you, working closely with your subject matter experts we can create proof of concept applications that you can start testing almost immediately. 

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