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Deb Helton, CEM MSW ACE

Deb is a professional Emergency Manager who has successfully built and renovated Continuity of Operations, Emergency Management, and Security Programs and capabilities within Aviation, Defense, Energy, Public Health, and State and Local Governments over the past 22 years.

Deb and her network stands ready to assist you drive excellence in operations enabling an increasingly positive customer  and stakeholder experience.


"At the end of every day, it's about we humans taking care of one another when it matters most.   

We can only properly care of those impacted by incidents when we maximize our collective strengths and skills daily, during normal operations. A team that trains and works together during normal operations will perform better when "the thing" that disrupts our operation happens. Disruptions can be focused continuity events or large scale complex incidents - all response gets better when handled by a fully integrated team. 

I have not yet seen or been part of a perfect operations team or in a perfect operations center. But I  have been a part of and developed highly effective teams and efficient operations centers. If it's time to make your team or your ops center better, I'd be happy to help".  

Deb Helton

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