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Experience: Clients


  • Developed a new, fully integrated Emergency Management Program while employed by DFW International Airport to include:

    • Operational integration 

    • Continuity planning and utilization 

    • EOC configuration update and staff development

    • Improved communications and notifications process 

    • Developed comprehensive impacted persons care program

    • Conducted 65 drills, 6 functional exercises and 3 full scale exercises including active shooter - bombing - aircraft crash scenarios 

    • Managed  117 EOC activations for continuity and crisis events

    • Enhanced airline partnerships

  • Chair of the Transportation Ad Hoc Committee for International Assoc. of Emergency Managers

  • Airport Cooperative Research Project

    • Panel Member for Enhancing Collaborative Decision Making during Disruptions​​

    • Subject Matter Expert for Airport's Role in Reducing Transmission of Communicable Diseases Insight Event and Webinar


Provided: Leadership, Technical Expertise, Vision, Executive Crisis Decision Making Qualitative Process, Change Management, EOC and IOC Structural and Operational Process capture, Emergency and Continuity Planning, Training, Drills and Exercises.



  • Renovated the Emergency Management Capability at a Category II Nuclear facility to meet the congressional benchmarks for re-opening following disasters to include:

    • Operational integration 

    • Continuity planning 

    • EOC development and processes, and staff training

    • Improved communications and notifications process 

    • Conducted 32 drills, 6 functional exercises and 2 full scale exercises

  • Completed a gap analysis and capability enhancement project for a DoE facility based on the after action report and recommendations following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Provided: Gap and Capability Assessments, EOC Design and Training, Operations Center Procedures and Training, Planning, Training, System Fielding, Drills and Exercises, Corrective Action Program



  • Developed the 1st Marine Corps Comprehensive Installation Emergency Management Program for domestic response and recovery operations.

  • Oversaw and supported the establishment of the Emergency Management Program at Headquarters Marine Corps.

  • Worked with FEMA Region 6 Defense Coordinating Element and Army North to review, revise, integrate and exercise the DoD Repatriation Plan.


Provided: Leadership, Defense Integration with civilian authorities, Assessments, Emergency Operations Planning, Continuity Planning, EOC design, operational structure, training, exercises and budgeting.

CDC Health Exercise (2).JPG


  • Developed the pandemic response processes and plans for Region IV in South Carolina under the National Institutes of Health grant program to include:

    • Community engagement - created community planning teams​

    • Operational planning

    • Created and exercised drive through medical triage and treatment operation for highly  contagious circumstances

  • Lead the response to H1N1 epidemic  in partnership with Navy  Medicine and California Public Health in 2009 - establishing isolation and quarantine operations for over 300 Marines

  • Worked with partners to review and revise International Airport Contagious Disease Response Plan

  • Author and presenter for seminar and webinar on Airport Role in Contagious Disease Response


Provided: Leadership, Innovation, Containment, Continuity Planning, Community Education, Medical Operations Development, Exercises, EOC Integration


EXERCISES - Full Scale

  • Lifesaver - Full Scale Aviation Safety and Security Exercises

    • Active Shooters in Airport Terminals​

    • Improvised Explosive Device at Rental Car Center

    • Aircraft Collision on Runway

  • Horizon 14 and Phoenix 15 - Full Scale Radiological Release Response Exercises with Mass Casualty

  • Underground Entrapment Full Scale Exercise

  • Shake and Fall - Earthquake Full Scale Exercises 

  • Hurricane Full Scale Exercises

  • Volunteer Integration Full Scale Exercise

Provided: Vision, Design, Facilitation, Master Scenario Events List Development, Exercise Control, Safety, Simulation, Volunteer Recruitment and Orientation, Logistics, Documentation, Public Information Management

US Map with PINS resized.png
  • State of North Carolina - Developed Coastal Region Evacuation and Sheltering Standard Operating Guide

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency and State of Louisiana - Technical support provided post Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, focus long term recovery

  • Beaufort County South Carolina - Created and fielded Disaster Volunteer Management Program, Updated Logistics Plan, Incident Commander for Labor Day Tornado

  • Hampton County South Carolina - Developed the Emergency Operations Plan and trained elected officials

  • Chatham County Georgia - Interoperability Plan test

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